Show #20

Sorry, it took so long to get you guys a new show. M said we had to wait for more people to watch the movie “Get Out”. We give our opinions, thought, and theories on the movie.

We also talk about the Remy and Nicki rap beef, which now, looks like Nicki won through the business part of the rap game. We will post links explaining how Nicki went about handling that.

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Show 18

After a long Hiatus, we are back with our 18th episode, first in 2017. We discuss the very popular New Edition Miniseries, helping siblings/Family, and why people work so tirelessly to escape (Northern) Ohio and not return.

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Show #14

This episode we are talking about Atlanta 7th Episode, imaginary fires, Mary J. Blige Relationship troubles, and much more.

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Show #13

Thank you for tuning into episode 13 of T&M Podcast. this week we are Discussing Netflix’s documentary “13th”, Impact of politics on friendship, hairy cucumbers. and much more.

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