Tijuana Jackson Movie Review


Legs up…

We couldn’t wait to do this review. We are very careful about spoilers, but we discuss some central themes. So, if you are the type that likes to be surprised by every element, WAIT & COME BACK after you watch the film. You’ll still enjoy the conversation.

Podcast Episode- https://soundcloud.com/tandmpodcast/tijuana-jackson-movie-review?ref=clipboard

Movie available now in theaters, VOD and DSPs. Visit TijuanaJackson.com for ways to watch!


We Do Screen Reviews Now…(Link included)

Get ready for a new style of content on the comeback. We’re excited to introduce you to more of ourselves and our love for on-screen entertainment. Movies, Series, Games… If it happens on screen (and it’s not the News, because OMG 2020) we’re on it. Let us know if there’s something you’d like to hear us review.

The latest podcast is up and available in most streaming platforms. Subscribe where you love to listen, but today’s link is directed to Google Podcasts. We reviewed The Old Guard. Check it out now!


Since We’ve been gone…(Hair gallery Update)


We’ve been umm… busy, to say the least. Hopefully my latest posts will get you up to date as to why the broadcasts suddenly stopped. We really do love you all, Margaret Ellen has just been exhausted and in those times… kinda crazy. We’re in the home stretch though so soon you’ll hear more than just our dog June protesting in the background.

Visit BlackMaggie.com to catch my latest rant in writing.

Can’t wait to get back on the Mic!

List Of Things You Will Need To Rebuild After Hurricane Harvey

This list is for those stuck in the dry pockets that still have time to gather items.

Inside The Life Of A Makeup Artist...in Hawaii

Residents wait on a roof top to be rescued from the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans ..Today is the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a day that has changed my life. I feel like a PRO with surviving hurricanes unfortunately. As I’m glued to my television watching CNN and talking to family & friends in Texas I’m hearing they are now doing MANDATORY EVACUATION in certain areas of Houston. Because I have lived through it and have managed to rebuild with some challenges I can share what you will need to move forward. So, if you still have time to gather a few things please be sure to grab the following items to help you with rebuilding.

  • Insurance Papers-Home & Business
  • Birth Certificates & Passports
  • Drivers License
  • Marriage License
  • Social Security Card
  • Taxes
  • Property Records-Home, Cars, Boats
  • Legal Records
  • Medical Papers
  • Shot Records For Kids
  • Kids Report Cards
  • Bills with your mailing address on it
  • Last two month bills -You will need because monthly service companies will…

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Show #15

Listen to Palimony by T & M Podcast #np on #SoundCloud

This episode we discuss the “Inconvenience Fee” and a few other topics. It’s been up for a while on all platforms. Make sure you follow us on your favorite streaming app so you don’t get left behind here on the blog.

T has been in charge of posting these… that’s all I’m going to say about that! -M.E. 🤓🤓