Show #15

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This episode we discuss the “Inconvenience Fee” and a few other topics. It’s been up for a while on all platforms. Make sure you follow us on your favorite streaming app so you don’t get left behind here on the blog.

T has been in charge of posting these… that’s all I’m going to say about that! -M.E. 🤓🤓


Show #2

For this show we took a different approach to recording. We used the MakerSpace at the Downtown Cincinnati Library. Everything sounded amazing in the booth… but we got home only to discover that we’d not saved the file correctly and couldn’t open it.

Lucky for us Margaret Ellen is nosey as hell and has a voice recorder app on her phone. With our powers combined, we saved most of the audio. You’ll notice the sound quality is a little off, we promise to have that fixed on the next show.

Thanks for listening!


Show #1

This is our very first recording. We’re not sensitive though, so feel free to tell us what you think. We are also not soft-spoken, so keep it cute… unless you’re into that whole Thumb Thuggin thing, in which case expect your clapbacks on Thursdays via Twitter.