Show #12

Thank you for joining us for episode 12. On this show, we are talking about the popular TV show Luke Cage, #ForeverDuncan, the clowns, and so much more.

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Show #11


We are back after our two-week hiatus.

n this episode, we are giving our thoughts on the presidential debate, how to decide what family members are invited to events, and does marriage ruin relationships?

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Show # 7

We invited JJ Christian to join us on our show again. We talked about Cam Newton’s belief racism no longer exist, the choice not to wear undergarments, and The Get Down. Please listen, like, share, and comment.

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Show #5

This week Margaret Ellen speaks passionately about her cellphone replacement journey and the struggles of black women being told how they ought to conduct themselves by ALL of society. Tony takes you on a voyage talking about how patience in your relationship can be a virtue and talking about your problems can help with a lot of other issues.

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